We are Sophomore

Welcome to our yearbook. Happy you’re here.

Let us explain how we work
GAMEPLAN - the thinking
Exploring different corners of a client’s industry, company, competitors and customer segment, we learn everything we need to know in order to confidently carve out the white space—identifying the opportunities to best meet a client’s brand and content strategy goals. During the GAME PLAN phase, we define our objectives, our audience, and what channels or media that best meet the client's goals. We balance blue-sky goals with budget-feasible KPIs in order to manage expectations and set ourselves up for success.
CREATIVE - the ideating
During the creative phase, we come up with the concepts and ideas that will best bring the content strategy to life. We then further refine our creative direction based on client feedback to fully paint the picture of the end result, ensuring the best possible content executions within the scope of work. 
PRODUCTION - the making
This is the phase where we turn our creative territory into usable content assets. We may shoot videos, have a photo shoot, write and design newsletters, build a website, or physically make stuff. This is also the phase when complete the assets (post-production) so that they’re ready to be deployed. 
LAUNCH & LEARN - the deploying
When our creative assets are approved both internally and externally, we send our materials out to the world. We track our assets to ensure they are performing as planned within the platform and with the target customers, and adjust if need be. By tracking, we learn what works best, allowing us to be better informed for the next pieces we create.
The Team Behind it all