Why we exist.



“Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting. Those who succeed will propel the Internet forward as a marketplace of ideas, experiences, and products—a marketplace of content.”
- Bill Gates, “Content is King” (1996)

We believe in the power of content. But we also believe that that power has been diluted. We’ve become so saturated with it, surrounded by it, addicted to it, that brands and publishers think they have to pump out content like a fast-food chain pumps out double cheeseburgers (…and forget why they’re making it in the first place).

Because of that content pressure-cooker, we’ve become inundated by cheap, unimaginative, empty-calorie content created to serve no purpose other than zombie-taps and heart-eye emojis (engagement!).

We’ve spent the past three years at Studio Sophomore trying to find the answer. And not to sound all crime-drama-cliffhanger about it, but we think we’ve figured it out.


Brands are thinking about the quota they have to fill to stay relevant without answering the real question: what value can your content provide for your audience? What can only your company teach them? How can only you inspire them?

Whether you’re a swimwear line, a carshare company, a sports team, or an online school, we believe in injecting every piece of the content we make for you—every social post, every video, every newsletter, every podcast—with value only your brand can offer.

We believe in stopping people mid-scroll with content that teaches them something, or makes them feel better, or inspires a change in behaviour, or helps solve a real problem, or even just gives them something to talk about over dinner.

We believe the simple recipe of all killer, no filler is how to turn an audience into a community.

And that’s what we do.


Our Story

A consistent flow of smart, cohesive content that stands out from the noise

Your out-of-house content arm

1. That content must be driven by genuine value.
2. The future of content creation is a simplified, middle-man-less process.


Our Services

– Creative Development
– Branded Publications and Serial Content
– Video Production
– Photography
– Copywriting (Social Media, Newsletters, Websites)
– Scriptwriting
– Podcasts
– Social Media Management
– Analytics and Performance Reviews


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